Day: January 15, 2019

September in Romagna: savours tresusure hunt

Flavors and autumn atmospheres for a trjourney in Romagna? Forgotten fruits, chestnuts, olive oil, wine, meats and cheeses … Autumn is a season of thousand flavors. Along the Strada della Romagna flakes and appointments to let themselves be conquered by delicious local products. While the air becomes more sparkling, organizing a weekend or a trip … Read more

Art treasures and traditional tastes in the city of Ravenna

August, holiday time and summer departures. For those who want discover a very fascinating city cannot but visit Ravenna, three times capital of the world and one of the destinations of the Grand Tour.  The city of mosaics Ravenna offers different paths full of emotions: walk along the city looking for UNESCO’s Monuments -it is the city that has more places registered on this list! -, explore hidden corners with street art works, follow Dante’s history otherwise visit a Mosaic handcraft … Read more

Tasty Autumn in Romagna

November along the Strada della Romagna there are many meetings and tantalizing opportunities to taste the authentic flavors of our land. Furthermore, it is possible to rediscover ancient farming traditions that are handed down over the centuries thanks to the commitment of those who live the countryside on a daily basis.  Autumn festivals  For example, a trip to Brisighella is required … Read more