Romagna has always been a land of well-being in the full sense of the term. The good life is in the DNA of Romagna and its people: the care of the mind, the soul and the body is felt as an essential need of the person. The spas and relaxation and wellness services in Romagna are naturally associated with sporting activities, body care, health and beauty. The thermal establishments can count on a natural wealth of medicinal spring waters that arise from the subsoil and that present innumerable therapeutic and curative applications. Alongside the therapeutic activities, a 360 degree wellness offer has been developed offering complete regeneration and relaxation experiences.

The list of the Romagna spas is long and varied. An imaginary line runs along the low hill of Romagna connecting the spas of Castel San Pietro Terme, Riolo Terme, Brisighella, Castrocaro Terme, Fratta Terme. Along this line, in fact, flow the most historically known thermal waters deriving from the subsoil of the “gypsum sulphurous formation”, muds, salso-bromo-iodic purifying waters. Important thermal springs and related establishments are also found in the upper Apennines, in Bagno di Romagna, as well as near the coast: in Punta Marina, Cervia, Rimini.

If in the concept of well-being we understand, in addition to the spas, also everything that makes us feel good and allows us to enjoy life, perhaps accompanying the spa experience, then the list of the offer from Romagna is very long, and here we can just summarize it with some words: good food, sporting activities, culture, fun. Everyone can naturally customize their own experience.

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