Disponibile la nuova guida turistica “Sulla buona Strada

Dodici macro itinerari per lasciarsi conquistare tutto l’anno dai tesori artistici, naturalistici e culturali della provincia di Ravenna. Dodici piatti in cui trovare i sapori genuini e inconfondibili dei prodotti Dop, Igp e tradizionali. Dodici calici con cui brindare alla gioiosa ospitalità della Romagna. E’ in distribuzione gratuita da alcuni giorni negli uffici turistici dei

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Words and music, an inspirational land

When beauty becomes poetry The profound soul of a city or a region is often revealed in the words of the poets and writers who have lived there and written works that remain vivid through time, imprinting themselves in our memory, or in the music of those who, inspired by the atmosphere of these lands,

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The Parish Church Route, silence and harmony that engage the soul

Spiritual sites many centuries old The ancient monasteries, thousand-year-old parish churches and monumental abbeys allow you to discover the historical roots of a land that was a crossroads for the encounter of different cultures. The different itineraries present can respond to the intimate desire for beauty and contemplation that humans have always felt. Enveloped in

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Along and around the Lamone, one waterway and infinite possibilities

A river of emotions from history to nature There is a lush valley in the green heart of Emilia-Romagna which holds a microcosm of natural and environmental attractions, cultural traditions, and lifestyles as well as gastronomic products and a wealth of artisanal knowledge that is as precious as it is fragile. These are the lands

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Memory in the landscape, living signs so we may not forget

Remembering the war to cultivate peace “Memory is necessary, we must remember because what is forgotten may come back.” The words of warning issued by Mario Rigoni Stern, an Italian writer who fought on the Russian front, are alive in the heart of Romagna, an area that became a strategic theatre of the Second World

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