In Faenza on the footsteps of Sangiovese

In Faenza on the footsteps of Sangiovese

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The wine that more than any other tells the soul of Romagna? Sangiovese.

The best city to visit this month to catch its essence? Faenza, for at least two reasons.

Faenza and Sangiovese: past and present

The first reason is historical and concerns the origins of this ancient vine. The first official track is in the State Archives of the city. In a notarial deed dated 1672, is reported the sale of a vineyard with three rows of “Sangiovese” by a landowner to the parish priest of Pagnano. The second reason is “Vini ad arte“, the important annual event that the Consorzio Vini di Romagna organizes at the International Ceramics Museum in Faenza. During this event, Romagna wineries present a preview of the new vintages of their Sangiovese Riserva.

A tasty moment for an unusual aperitifwhere is possible compare different territorial expressions of this red wine of Romagna, combining them – why not? – a guided tour of the extraordinary collections of one of the most important ceramic art museums in the world.

Faenza and the gastronomy of Romagna

Some people prefer a traditional food-wine pairing and match it with a good meat dish or a platter of charcuteries and cheeses.

Walking along the streets of the historic center, some locals awarded nationwide for the quality of the proposals will surprise you. Among these, the Osteria La Baita deserves special mention. It is a reference point for quality food and wine born from an idea of ​​Roberto Olmeti carried out today by his wife Rossana together with his son Fabio.

A visit of the cellars

The table is the ideal place to taste the flavors of a wine. Instead, in order to better understand the identity, it is necessary to visit the territory from which it is born. For those who can indulge in one more day visit, therefore, the suggestion is to look for accommodation for the evening in the city: only at the Hotel Cavallino there are 80 rooms available! So you can devote the morning after the visit of a Faenza winery where you can see the vineyards from which the Sangiovese is born.

Two proposals on the Via Emilia: the Gallegati (via Lugo 182) and the Trerè (via Casale 19) winerys. Two cellars just few kilometers out from the city. They will show in just a glass the sensitivity and different interpretations of a single vine capable of surprising every sip. And if their Sangiovese will conquer your heart … in both cases it is possible overnight in their Agriturismus.

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