Podere La Berta

The cellar is not only the place where wine is made, but it is a place where the customs and culture of the territory are kept alive

At the beginning of the 1970s, Marcello Giovannini left the plains of Lugo and set out for the hills of Brisighella, where his intuition and passion breathed life into the Podere La Berta. Under his guidance, the Podere La Berta became a place of innovation and experimentation on autochthonous grape varieties and others, beginning a journey of quality for which the company is still known.

Since 2009, the Poggiali family has taken over where the Giovannini left off, integrating a sense of discretion and quality, constancy and business sense, without ever neglecting a passion for what they do. Giovanni, Nicolò and Domenico enrich the role played by the Podere La Berta, adding to the careful attention paid to the product and the territory a will to continue promoting the attributes of its Romagnolo heritage, projecting its values into the future.

The cantina is not only a place where wine is made, but a place where the customs and culture of the territory are kept alive. This is why, with great pride, they have maintained the tradition of selling bulk wine to individuals – from Faenza, Imola, and Ravenna alike – who have always come to this company to find a quality product.

This cantina is equipped with modern instrumentation and technologies that fully conform to tradition and the preservation of the values that characterise the quality wines produced here. Indeed, although technological progress in the wine making technique and ageing of the wines and the collaboration with oenologists and laboratory technicians have changed life in the cantina, the trade of the cellarman remain the one it has always been.

Being jealous of his wines and reserved by nature, when the harvest arrives, he takes centre stage as his role is to preserve the fruits of nature and the labour of the farmers who have worked the land and cultivated the vines year round.

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