Agriturismo Rio Manzolo

The Agriturism Rio Manzolo is located in the first romagnole hills, near Riolo Terme, in the Senio river valley.

The old manor house with court owes the name “Rio Manzolo”, homonym rio, which is born next to the complex and refers to the historical presence of cattle breeding.

The building built on a medieval structure dates back to 1600 and also includes a small consecrated church dedicated to the SS. Our Lady of Sorrows.

The 12-hectare estate is cultivated with orchards and vineyards and offers visitors seasonal fruit, preserves and Sangiovese and Trebbiano di Romagna wines.

The welcome to guests is reserved in elegant and comfortable rooms with bathroom and in environments that preserve the atmosphere of the ancient home and let discover all the preserved aspects of the ancient building.

The surrounding area is a rural setting of great charm surrounded by rolling hills with cultivated fields, woods, gullies, brooms, and ancient watchtowers.

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