Fondo Renzuno di Mezzo – Fratelli Poggi

The wine produced in our fund has always been followed with care and attention throughout the year, in all its phases

At Casola Valsenio (RA), in the heart of the region of Romagna, just a few kilometres from Tuscany, the Poggi family acquired in 1844, the Fondo Renzuno di Mezzo – Fratelli Poggi, a company of rural origins with some buildings in a state of deterioration dating back to the Middle Ages, immersed in a rich and fertile land of ancient origins and age-old traditions.

Since the founding of our company in 1954, the wine produced has always been followed with care and attention year round, during all its phases: the cultivation, the harvesting, the processing, and the bottling, advancing a trade we still believe in and continue to push forward motivated only by our passion.

Our wine-making activity has made it possible to identify determining and necessary factors for the production after years of experience, modifications, and reinterpreting, just like that “per aspera ad astra” (through hardships to the stars)*, the words found on the coat-of-arms that for centuries has identified the Fondo Renzuno di Mezzo – Fratelli Poggi – our business.

At times it is not possible to meet the requests of those who have appreciated and want to continue enjoying our wines. But we also know that expanding our production may end up compromising quality. This is why we choose to maintain a limited esteemed clientele, although we always strive to satisfy everyone…”.

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