Vini Biologici Celti Centurioni

The Celti Centurioniwinery was founded in 1986, with a particular name that generates curiosity, and deserves an explanation.

Rome and the Celts may appear to be distant and scarcely relevant to the Emilia Romagna region. So it is not. The winery, in fact, stands in a territory that was the scene of fierce battles between Celts and Romans, and saw the latter have the


And this company’s love for its historical roots can easily be found in the products of its own winery, rich in wines of great oenological interest, which blend perfectly with both the typical local cuisine and elaborate dishes of other gastronomic cultures.

A complete range of wines, strictly produced with methods entirely natural, on local lands, with local grapes, and ranging from still reds to sparkling whites, up to fine passito.

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