Azienda Agricola Quadalti Davide e Marco

Our commitment is to select the best grapes which, after a correct and careful vinification, guarantee our products quality and authenticity

The Azienda Agricola Quadalti was founded in the 1970s by brothers Bruno and Luciano who, impressed by the spectacular beauty of the hills and furrows in the region, decided to acquire their first estate called “Marocchio“, which was immediately planted with vineyards.
Over the following years, the passion for their work, but above all their attachment to their lands, led them to acquire yet another large estate called “La Zampona”.
With the passing of the years, this company went into hands of Bruno’s sons, Davide, and Marco who, thanks to their love for the land passed down to them by their father and uncle when they were children, in turn acquired other estates – the “Fondo Poggiale” and ” Fondo Cà di Sotto” – and leased other estates in the zone.
The more than 100 hectares of land, cultivated with vineyards, orchards, cereals, and forage are situated in the hills just above Riolo Terme, a land of Romagna at 230 metres above sea level and known for the renowned Hills of Faenza and the famous Park of the Vena del Gesso.
Thanks to the precious teachings received, they continued with the important tradition of family, learning and continuing the art of preparing wine.
Their commitment is to select the best grapes, that, after a correct and closely monitored wine making, guarantee the quality and genuineness of their products.
Thanks to all this, their clientele has been loyalised over the years to reach nation-wide levels.

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