Harvest time: surprising and tasteful grapes

Harvest time: surprising and tasteful grapes

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Quantity and quality of the grapes have been growing in Romagna in the 2018 harvest, among the best in recent years. The harvest of the grapes in September saw the great red varieties protagonists. While the first white clusters destined for sparkling wine have been harvested as early as the third week of August. 

Sparkling wines

Among these there is the Trebbiano for “Bolè”, the first Romagna Spumante POD, born from the collaboration between the Caviro and Cevico cooperative wineries. It is a partnership born within the “Novebolle” project of the Consorzio Vini di Romagna to enhance sparkling wines of the area all over the World. Strolling in the days of harvest along the vineyards you can breathe intense perfumes and an air of celebration. Even if the work between the rows requires great effort and attention to be able to bring each variety to the cellar to the perfect degree of ripeness. 

Tour through the vineyards during harvest 

A special occasion to closely observe the work of the winemakers is the Trat-Tour organized by the Association for the Oriolo Tower. Every Saturday in September, a panoramic wagon brings families and wine tourists around the cellars of Oriolo dei Fichi, to taste local wines. Here the home grape is the Centesimino, able to amaze in all its garments with its aromas and its intense flavor. Taste to believe the sparkling and firm versions, in steel or wood, up to that of the Poderi Morini and La Sabbiona wine cellars. 

Albana queen of Romagna 

There is no shortage in this area, as well as throughout all the province of Ravenna, also excellent interpretations of Albana, the most noble grape and surprising of Romagna. In fact, it is enough to move a few kilometers to enjoy bottles with very different shades, but all equally fascinating. Some examples? Try to approach dry Albana by Trerè and Podere La Berta, the sweet Albana by Cantina di Faenza and Cantine Intesa and the racin version of the wineries Ferrucci and Gallegati. 

Surprising indigenous Grapes 

Among the last grapes to be harvested, together with Sangiovese that in the territory of Riolo Terme finds  wineries such Quadalti and Podere Torre Mazzolano, we find two other red native vines going down to the plain: the Longanesi grapes and the Grape of Tundè. From the first, whose name is linked to the farm Longanesi Daniele discoverer of the vine, but which has numerous interpreters including the Randi and Celti Centurioni cellars, the vigorous Bursôn is born. The second, however, gives a ruby red wine with violet reflections with fruity and spicy aromas: a small production protected by the homonymous consortium involved in the protection of this little known grape, but rich in flavor.

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