Tasty Autumn in Romagna

Tasty Autumn in Romagna

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November along the Strada della Romagna there are many meetings and tantalizing opportunities to taste the authentic flavors of our land. Furthermore, it is possible to rediscover ancient farming traditions that are handed down over the centuries thanks to the commitment of those who live the countryside on a daily basis. 

Autumn festivals 

For example, a trip to Brisighella is required in autumn. On the four Sundays of November, there are as many festivals dedicated to typical products of the territory: we start from the Sagra del porcello, then go on to that of the volpina pear and seasoned cheese, truffle and olive oil  (November 25). Next to the stalls where to buy the flavors of the territory, the opportunity is tempting to taste the typical dishes prepared by local chefs, such as those of the restaurant and hotel La Rocca located in the heart of the country.  

Ancient grains and pomegranates 

During the second weekend of November, in Oriolo dei Fichi under the medieval tower , take place “Grani e Melograni“. It is an event dedicated to the rediscovery and enhancement of ancient grains and pomegrandades. The appointment is with indigenous flavors and local cultures through guided tastings, conferences, cooking workshops, agriculture and crafts and the inevitable exhibition-market of typical products. 

Autumn flavors and wines 

A few kilometers away, Pro Loco and the Municipality of Castel Bolognese organize the traditional “Festa de Brazadel d’la Cros e del vino nuovo“. The two protagonists of the day are the traditional dry donut of the cross, heritage of the ancient art of bread-making in the castle, and the new wine, the first nectar of Bacchus of the new harvest. But those who love good wine during the party also have the opportunity to taste the Sangiovese and Albana of local wineries. 

A curiosity? Right here is the best Albana di Romagna according to the GiovinBacco 2018 competition: it is the “Masselina” by Tenuta Masselina, at the first place with “Arlus” by Trerè winery. Perfect is the pairing with local cheeses: a visit to the dairy Boschetto Vecchio in Conselice. Ricotta, Squacquerone and Raviggiolo the choice s really very wide!

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